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In this blog, I will post my notes on corporate happiness and aggregate value maximization technologies that will later be included into my upcoming book "Building a Happy Company" that I am currently working on. I will try to daily post something that will help you make your life and your company more efficient, comfortable and happy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Five ‘D’s of Success

Desire + Determination + Discipline + Dare + Divine Guidance

The first four ‘D’s are self-explanatory; the fifth requires a little explaining. For a believer in God (like myself) it is exactly what it implies – the Divine Guidance of the Almighty God which can be received through prayer and meditation. For non-believers (atheists, agnostics, etc.) it is the kind of the ‘sixth sense’ which is very much worth listening to. The importance of this guidance was confirmed by no other than Napoleon Hill – an author of an international super-bestseller “Think and Grow Rich” – probably the best book on ‘personal success technologies’.

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